I am walking home after a long, feverish day.
The broken air conditioner enabled the heavy heat into my little comfort zone and as I walk ,I stealthily slip my hand inside my semi loose shorts,confirming the sultriness between my legs sourcing from a fair turbulence ,between the unbearable humidity and my lecherous ,bare nature.
As I approach my apartment,I notice them.
Two wide shouldered, tall police officers, leaning over their patrol car.
I intentionally cross the street, making sure to wag my tail just right, to get their attention.
“Looking very beautiful on this lovely day ma’am” the fair haired officer utters, as the other gestures in agreement.
I’m smiling back, passing by, thoughts are rampaging in my head ,all deliciously despicable.
I am almost ready to cross back when it hits me. If that attempt does not yield successful results, I am definitely losing my charm..
My car is parked two cars ahead of theirs, I go over to the passenger’s side and open the door.
As I make sure they are observing, I lean over to the glove compartment, slightly parting and lifting my hips, just enough to have them notice my bare sex.I make sure to linger there lengthily,then swiftly rise and lock the door.
When I turn, my nipples and their manhood are obviously wide awake.
“It sure is hot today..if you boys would like to relax and quench your thirst with some cold lemonade, you are very welcome to stop by”..
Before the door even closes behind us, I am on my knees bolting one immense erection in my mouth, while caressing another in my small hand. They are rotating around fucking my mouth mercilessly, the fair haired one likes it rough, prodding my neck forward as he plunges in.
We do not stop to think or exchange any verbal instructions, it is so surreal and primal,I feel like a gazelle being mounted by lions.
They carry me up and position me vigorously on top of one, as the other keeps raiding me orally.
I take it all,and beg for more! They pant and growl, I hardly make a sound.
It is only once they both assail into my tight apertures,that I begin to moan and whimper, writhe with every move I make, anxious to adjust to the immense breadth inside me.
My upper invader begins caressing my clit as he tears me apart, I gasp and pant,my face flushed.
” I must have you cum pretty lady, I am a southern boy after all, ladies first..I am your huckleberry ”
I close my eyes and take in the intense sensation, they intensify their motion, his fingers circle my clit faster, my legs start trembling,I explode into an exquisite climax dousing our thighs ,as they cover me in their bliss..


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