She walked home quietly, holding back her tears, trying hard to stay calm and untouched, alas the turmoil in her kept igniting, driving her meticulously crazed with the process that enabled the dire situation she now needed to deal with. Seven years of dissatisfying marriage left her a hollow shell, an empty vessel constantly consumed with how and what could be a divine plan for her, that surely was kept very vague and unraveled. She dreaded each day, most of them brought on morbid news as to the financial weight her ex husband buried her under or the unsound physical condition she was in.
‘You must start taking care of yourself my little blond Barbie doll, you look like you’re about to dissipate into the thin air! How much weight did you lose? You look like a skeleton’
Her work mate Amy murmurs over a lunch break, staring at Eve’s full plate.
‘I try believe me, I struggle with my hardship and pain day in day out,I’m haunted by my demons, unable to sooth myself into a calmer condition,thus my weight loss or my feeble posture’.
The next day she decided to take herself on a morning indulgence at one of the common coffee shops ,around the corner from her new place. She walked in carefully, as if to let sleeping dogs lie, walking on her tip toes, in her slide sandals cradling her petite feet comfortably, complimenting her narrow ankles. She looked at the beverage menu, squinting to read the calorie count next to each one, as if it really mattered in her diaphanous existence.
She picked a flavored tea and sat down in the corner, trying to relax and read a book that was waiting for her review for the longest time.
The heroine in the story was a strong ,ambitious woman, quite like the one she once was many years ago, before the tears.
She immersed in the beautiful story, avoiding her surrounding, not noticing the tall handsome man that was gazing at her petite frame.
When she finally felt his eyes penetrating hers, she looked up. He was sitting not far from her working on his laptop, looking very intrigued by her vulnerable quiddity.

‘What are you reading?’ He inquired. His tone was kind and comforting.
She lifted her book to show him the cover and title.
‘Have you seem the movie adapted after the book? I think it doesn’t do it justice, I enjoyed the book myself, much more than the film’
She nodded, still not engaging in any conversation.
She went back to her reading, he went back to working on his computer, but she couldn’t let go of his kindness and was compelled to look up and exchange a few words with the handsome stranger.
‘Here’s my card, if you ever need any services that I offer’ she handed him her literary reviewer business card and smiled softly.
He left as she was still sitting at the coffee shop, finishing her tea and writing notes regarding the book review.
On the way home she checked her inbox, utterly surprised and flattered with a short message left there by her new acquaintance. He inquired whether she will be interested in having lunch with him and enjoy some brainstorming time.
She marked the message unread and put the phone back in her small handbag.
They set to meet at a place not far from their initial introduction. She rushed over there, springing her step, excited about getting to know him better. She was a bit late, when she came in the restaurant he was already there. She glanced at the room. Her vision impaired view missed him and she was just about to place a call, when he rose and waved at her. She kissed his cheek and sat down. They delved in an insightful conversation, she almost lost a sense of time and only realized she had to leave back to work, when her phone kept vibrating annoyingly in her bag.
He walked her out and wrapped his large arms around her. She felt warm and secure.
Their next rendezvous was planned for a warm Friday evening, a few days post their lunch date.
‘You look exquisite my dear, I must say it’ he flattered her as he gallantly opened the car door for her, inviting her in.
His apartment was dim and pleasant. She marveled at his enormous book case that held innumerable publications of rare books and creative work.
‘So, what a beautiful woman like Eve wants out of life, why do you appear so dolorous?’
His words hit her hard, kicking her right in the stomach, making her squirm.
‘I think you are an incredible beacon of femininity and lust, I wish I could pleasure you with whatever it is you find interesting or invigorating’ he uttered, getting closer to her yet not touching her skin.
She reached out and touched his full lips. Their softness moved her deep in her sex, driving her to touch him more, to explore.
He turned his body towards hers and allowed her to caress his face, to move a careful hand over his wide chest, to slowly reach out and caress his large manhood in her small hand.
He moved passionately, waiting for a cue that will allow him to reach over and touch her as well. She took his hand and a positioned it on her chest. ‘Feel my heart, its beating fast in your exciting presence’ she said quietly.
He lowered her back down and started exploring her body. Slowly peeling her tight skirt, sending careful fingers under her blouse and touching her erect nipples.
When she finally disrobed, he was on fire. He picked her up in his strong, masculine arms and carried her into the bedroom. The covers were soft and pampering.
‘Do you trust me my beautiful Eve?’ He asked and looked deep in her eyes.
She nodded, breathless and anticipated. He reached over to his the nightstand and pulled out a silk scarf. ‘Im going to tie you up my dear, I promise you’ll enjoy it, please trust me and don’t worry’.
Her body clenched and ached in the mind blowing expectancy. He turned her on her stomach and tied a strong knot closing her hands together behind her back.
She gasped, awaiting his touch. Then he laid her on her back, spread her thighs and started pleasuring her orally, devouring her mere existence, leaving her open and gaping at his insatiable dousing, like a garden after the rain.
She moaned and moved her body in the heat of desire. He slowly removed his underwear revealing an enormous uncircumcised erection that left her aphonic, consumingly aroused and frightened ,all at once.
‘Im going to enter that beautiful tight little hole of yours, you never felt anything like it before, I guarantee!’ He promised.
His initial penetration put her through agonizing pain , his thick endowment was too much to bear, but he kept her hands tied behind her back, impeding her of any resistance. She panted and tried sending her eager mouth over to reach his chest.
She wanted to bite his flesh hard, to ease the pain, to give him his own share of it.
He started expediting his thrusts, reaching deep into her sex, mounting her tight, petite body, feeding her quivering hole with his wide manhood.
She felt the tip of his untouched penis reaching out to her womb, scratching the very surface of it.
Then she started feeling the sheer pleasure of his invasion, her body stretched and geared towards his, her gaze locked on his enchanting blue eyes, sending him an unspoken message to take her, now, strenuously!
He penetrated her vigorously, and as he took her, he reached out under her back and held her small frame in his large hands, supporting her swing. When she was just about to reach an unbelievable climax, he reached over to the delicate scarf tying her hands and unleashed it. Then he took her tiny hand in his and entangled their fingers.
He held her hand and led her into the most exhilarating orgasm she’ll ever experience.


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