DP Sunday- Picture Day


Adolescent sexuality has always intrigued my senses;
Originating in the simple history of evolving into the lecherous teenager that I once was,through my personal exploration of the sensual world from that point on,then observing others as a Human Sexuality Major and finally, galvanizing it down to its core,
As a devoted Sex Therapist,Erotica consumer and creator and of course,
As a passionate woman.
And so, it was quite fascinating to observe this young teenager,circling the block;once,twice,five times,before he gathered the nerve to approach me,trembling,asking to take my picture,
‘Only since you look so much like my friend’s hot mom..and I want to show him how much you two look alike’..
I kindly refused;disappointedly he thanked me and rode off on his bicycle,looking back,just once more..


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