You propel me over the bed and fasten your grip on my hair; my body abides as you whisper in my ear:
‘I do not care what you have been through,or what ridiculous excuses for men you have hosted,but you are mine now!
This is all mine; these sensual lips,this slender neck,these ample breasts, this tiny waist,this pink pussy,these sexy legs,all mine!
The only reason you choose non monogamy,is because you have yet to experience this sexual athlete fucking you,do you understand?’
I only nod and spread my legs wide.
A febrile sensation of agonizing pleasure goes through me,
As you depredate your enormous cock inside me, smiling while watching me squirm in aim to accommodate your abundance.
You are right, I have never experienced your kind of incursion,
Alas in all your glory,you failed to acknowledge that your hourglass turned,the very instant you have entered my shrine..


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