I’m teaching a late evening course at a community college. It’s really a nice gig for some extra cash and also, I get my kicks out of playing seductive “hot for teacher” in class.
Today I’m wearing my tight green dress, no bra, my cat eye glasses and a small leg garter,just for the sexy feeling brushing against my pussy ,as I’m climbing up the stairs, rushing to class.
As I approach the door, I see them hanging out outside. I’m upping my speed ,making sure my breasts don’t come out to play, but they sure leave an impression on the happy group awaiting me, as they voice their appreciation, a little too loudly..
“OK OK class, let’s begin, thank you everybody, show is over” I gather them in and shut the door behind me.
We are a very small group of students today, I headcount 6, four guys and two girls.
“Mr. Trouble” in the third row doesn’t take his eyes of my bouncing tits, making me a little uncomfortable, yet extremely titillated and he knows it.
“Hey professor Stein, you sure look loose and relaxed today…” he mentions in an alluring voice.
I nod ,as I desperately try to ignore the intensifying wetness gushing between my legs.
I distribute a short assignment and allow them forty minutes to complete it. As they tediously struggle to accomplish it ,I walk through the narrow lanes between their tables, swinging my hips, surrendering to that pleasuring sensation the leg garter provides me with.
“Do you really expect us to focus today ,with you walking around looking like a sex goddess?”
I turn to “trouble” and gesture him to quiet down and keep working, releasing a seductive smile and a wink.
In my head, I fucked this 25 year old “bad boy” so many times in all ways possible, I wonder if he can tell I have true live fantasies about him.
They finish writing and I collect their papers quietly. He volunteers to help me and while at it ,drops a pile on the floor. I instinctively get down to pick it up, almost banging heads with him. He gestures to help me getting up, supporting my back, “incidentally” sliding a warm big hand over my erect nipple.
I look around to see if anyone noticed, nothing seems out of order, only at this point I’m soaking wet hoping to get through this hour without visibly tainting my summer dress.
Class ends, one of the girls and her semi, part time guy friend ,leave immediately as if they couldn’t wait to run out and engage in wild sex, or is it my own crazy imagination projecting these disturbing thoughts?
My mind wanders as I’m packing up my bag. A strong door slam shoots me back into reality.
“What happened? Did the wind knock the door shut?” God I hope we’re not locked in here” I murmur.
“Trouble” comes close, lifts my chin with his gentle hand and looks me straight in the eye 
“Oh Bathsheba Stein, But I believe we are… what are you gonna do about it?” he teases me.
I’m flushed, hot and bothered. My mind is racing, my heart is aiming to jump out of my braless chest, my pussy is itching in agonizing pleasure.
They gather around me, 3 guys and a girl.
“What do you think guys, does Ms. Stein deserve a spanking over that curvaceous ass of hers”?
He gets very close to me, pushes me gently towards the board and puts his hand under my dress.
“Oh yeah…wet and wonderful, just as I like you”
I can’t move! I’m so turned on, my vision gets blurry. In the corner I notice the girl getting down on her knees ,as the two guys stand in front of her, taking turns fucking her mouth.
“While she’s getting them ready, I’m already there professor… what do you say, tell me how you like it or I’ll just take it anyway I choose?”
I’m hypnotized as if he put a spell on me. I guess he did realize I have been craving his cock in my pussy for quite some time.
I stand quietly, slowly removing my dress from the top down: one strap at a time, revealing my erect nipples. He sighs and cups my breasts in his warm hands. I surrender to the feeling, sending a sturdy hand to his zipper and pull out his beautiful erect cock.
“What are you waiting for cowboy? Take this sexy monster cock of yours and bury it deep in my pussy, now!”
His eyes light up, he likes being bossed around!
He pulls down my dress to my ankles, gets down on his knees and turns me swiftly against the wall. 
My hard nipples squeeze against the cold board as he slowly moves my tiny thongs aside with his teeth and buries his warm tongue deep inside my pussy.

I groan in pleasure, I can’t take it much longer.
He pleasures me thoroughly, covering every inch of my aching cunt and doesn’t skip my ass.
“You’re so tasty Stein… Tell me again what to do with that royal pussy of yours?”
“Oh god, fuck it already! Fuck me hard until I beg you to give my gaping hole a rest!”
He lifts my hips and penetrates me deep and hard! I scream and shove my fingers in my pussy ,to enhance this insatiable craving I endure. My hands cover my nipples, my lips, my throbbing clit, I can’t get enough of this crazy ride.
I notice the two guys in the corner co-fucking the eager girl. She’s standing on all fours, one of them is ‘analyzing’ her forcefully from behind while the other stuffs her mouth with his unusually large cock. 
She seems to enjoy it immensely and I get even more turned on watching them tear her holes open.
“You like watching, sexy? Would you like some more?”
“Trouble” motions the guy with the huge erection, he slowly removes his cock from the girl’s disappointed mouth and walks over. “Trouble” lifts my dripping pussy from his cock and positions me on his friend’s. I moan in painful pleasure, he fills me up insanely ,I’m not even sure I can move up and down that massive cock.
“Loosen up baby, you’ll enjoy it, just relax”. He sits down holding my hips and starts sliding me up and down his erection.
“Trouble” positions his cock in front of me and starts fucking my mouth hard and fast, shoving it deep into my throat.
“Oh yeah Professor, fucking that mouth was my fantasy the first time I saw these gorgeous lips”
I want to scream in excitement, but they fill my holes up to the limit. I hear the girl begging her guy to come in her ass; he gladly obliges and as he cums,he rushes over to indulge in her warm mouth over his post cum cock. 
My holes abused pleasurably by these enormous cocks, while watching that sexy scene in front of me, push me to the end. I cum loudly and intensely, spraying my hot squirt all over the very thick piece of meat rupturing my aching pussy. They cum together on my tits minutes later, I lick their tasty cum off my nipples.


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