Waking up from the anesthesia ,the ceiling circles around me,leaving me breathless and nauseated.
“How long has it been?” I ask the nurse, as she’s opening the windows,airing the room ending my repose.
“Not long honey, don’t worry about it ,but you’re free to leave as soon as you’re ready”.
I gather myself and get up slowly, covering my shoulders with my coat, shielding my bare back from the intense air-conditioning that blew intensely into the room.

He is waiting for me in the waiting room, antsy and eager to get out of the clinic.
“Are you feeling OK? do you need help walking?” he carefully wraps his strong arm around my thin waist and supports my staggering motion.

He brings me into the bedroom and helps me out of my shoes.
“Get in bed and stay in ,you hear me? no venturing out, I need you to rest!”
I smile in approval and slide under the covers into a much needed,Vicodin induced sleep.
when I wake up, I’m a bit swollen and bleeding, dragging my aching existence into the restroom,staring at my gloomy face in the mirror.
“Stay home,yes..how long will that hold?” my reflection stays silent as I find my way back into bed.
The next morning invokes more aches and pains. I manage them with my prescribed pain killers, already beginning to feel the surging urge, that constant insatiable itch that never subsides. By night fall I’m staring at a list of possible lovers with whom I can exploit a night of sexual deviancies and explorations galore.

“Are you game for Friday night? I expect no less than 3 intense orgasms, and a trip to my favorite adult store ,in favor of some well needed new toys,just saying…”
I hit the send button and watch my demanding email leave the box ,on its way to the great web desolation.
His response finds me soothed to relaxation, a few short minutes post mail departure.
” I want you. In every way. I want my tongue in your perfect mouth. I want my hands on your perfect ass. I want you to teach me to fuck like a champion. Jesus, fuck, I want you”.
I smile in sheer satisfaction, pleasuring myself into an intense sleep.

Friday night cant come fast enough. My body is still recovering post-op ,but nothing will keep me away from satisfying that eager beast, that lecherous animal residing between my thighs.
He texts me repeatedly, I marvel in my wetness every time another ‘sext’ comes in, outlining the pleasure my body will indulge in,come dusk.
He’s waiting at my gate, restless and libidinous. I fall into his arms, he caresses every angle of my body,kissing me passionately for a few long minutes.
When we finally enter the car,I’m already drenched. He slides his hand into my loose jeans,working his long fingers into my very wet cunt, awaiting his touch like a dehydrated vagabond in the desert.
I arch my back and spread my thighs, directing his hand, moving his fingers inside me in the tempo I so crave.
We arrive at the store, rushing in ,picking up a few random items along our path,just to be able to run out of there and arrive at his house, to play and explore.

He throws me on his wide,comfortable bed.
“I want to see you fuck yourself to exhaustion beautiful Abi, you’re so incredible and delicious!”
I surrender to the glorious ‘rabbit’ ,burying it deep inside me, shoving it further and further in, adjusting its speed, moving the flickering clit stimulator ,to satisfy my exact needs.
“Watching you get off is so hot gorgeous, tonight we’ll make you sore” he whispers.
I smile and proceed to indulge myself with the staggering sexual sensation ,the large vibrator provides me with. He starts caressing my breasts, biting my nipples, licking my clit , circling around my body as a shrine of raw sensation, focusing intensely on my satisfaction. He positions his big erection between my breasts and start thrusting against me,strenuously. I complement his move,caressing his ass, pushing a lubricated finger into his eager hole. His body trembles, his motion speeds and intensifies, he groans, pants and tightens his grip,fastening my breasts around his growing cock.
“Oh god baby, you’re gonna make me cum” he whispers. I’m hypnotized and consumed with my engorged clit and widening pussy, eager to find that intense orgasm I so need. he explodes on my tits, covering my chest with his warm cum, submitting his delicate lips onto mine and gently bites on.My orgasm arrives a few seconds into his luscious kisses, leaving me deprived and disappointed with its mildness and elusive nature.
“Did you enjoy it baby?” he dreadfully inquires ,as he notices the discontent look on my face.
For the next 14 hours I climaxed the magical trois and was even granted with a lovely morning glory, all leaving me with a great void and dissatisfaction.
We part in a comforting kiss, I’m devastated and saddened with my lost pleasure.
“What the hell is going on with me? maybe its the post- op,drug infused,physical condition I’m in?”
I try to calm myself down. walking home weary and unsettled, my body aches, the soreness between my legs doesn’t even gratify me with that sought after sexual sensation I so coveted.
As I take a different route, choosing a quieter street to ease my mind, I notice a handsome man on the parallel sidewalk. I randomly glance at him, but proceed to walk. In the corner of my eye I notice he stops and crosses the streets, in a slow and carful pursuit of me. My vital signs are awaken ,something moves in me as he speeds his step and touches my shoulder.
“Hi there beautiful, can I pique your interest with a special offer?”
I nod, he hands me a small golden card inscribed in Latin and laced with an intriguing sign I’m not familiar with.
“I want you in our special club, check it out when you get online” he states firmly.
I smile and bury the card in my pocket. The next morning my curiosity enhances and I’m forced to research that web address I was given.
A few messages later I’m granted with an exclusive invitation to a private , sexually risqué club ,that offers ‘all you can ever expect to immerse your being in’.. their promise. “No harm in checking that out, after all, this last encounter was so disappointing, maybe I can refind my fire” I reassure myself in the mirror.
I arrive at the club and ushered in gracefully . The rooms are wide and open, scented in luxurious , enchanting lavender and dimmed lights. I arrive before a group of four men and three women, lavishing in what seems like a Roman orgy, celebrating every crevice and opening, gratifying all imaginable cravings and needs. one of the men looks up at me, while burying his huge erection in a well trained female mouth. He releases his cock from the woman kneeling in front of him.
She proceeds to pleasure herself and welcomes a new visitor between her lips.
He carefully peels my black satin dress, slowly revealing my naked body under it.
” Almost a shame to take it off beautiful, your dress looks so incredibly appetizing on your sexy body, like a wet glove” .
He positions me on the antique sofa in the corner of the room and begins to ravish my pussy,holding my clit up, cradling it widely, sampling in between my engorged lips, down to my ass and back. His mouth grants me with such pleasure, I ache and moan in sheer ecstasy.
“Pace yourself my darling, there’s much more to come” he promises.
A few minutes to his insatiable devouring of my wet holes, he lifts me, sits on the sofa and positions me on his cock,facing my back.
I grind and move vigorously on his cock, taking every inch of it in an adolescent enthusiasm ,as if I never felt a man’s huge erection inside me.
A tall, handsome man, walks over and starts kissing me passionately ,as the thrusting intensifies.
My body trembles in pleasure, he moves down from my lips, to my erect nipples, cupping my breasts in his hands, going down my belly and starts circling my clit, with his tongue and fingers.
“Oh god, this feels so incredible, I think I’m going to cum very soon” I utter my words breathlessly.
“Take her on top so I can pleasure that beautiful ass of hers” he orders my vaginal invader. He obliges, positions me on top, as I’m lavishing in the greatest rim job I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.
He licks me thoroughly, pushes his long, erect tongue inside my ass, shoves a single finger in first, slowly widening me to his touch.
An initial climax sneaks up on me as he speeds his grip inside my ass. My body trembles and convulses intensely, as I feel him penetrating my ass, slowly speeding his stroking inside me. He gestures his accomplice as the both lift me up and start double penetrating me, sending my body into a series of mind blowing multi orgasms, leaving me flaccid and feeble at their mercy. They cum inside me, my anal penetrator slowly soothes my gaping holes,cleaning me off their cum, as his counterpart gratifies my mouth with his cum covered ,still erect cock, until we peacefully settle into a restful reclining on the wide sofa. I reclaimed my climax! FINI


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